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Blanket Fort

The idea of "islands" were taken to a new level.

Dates: July 10-14th

From 2009-2012, decisions were made by general consensus or by ad hoc leaders. From 2013 onward, Islands gained their independence. Every self-proclaimed island was responsible for it's own rules, self-reliance, system of government, etc.

The first independent islands were Dromhaven, Ithaka, Titan, and Shitshow/Blanket Fort


Dromhaven Island


Ithaka Island

Waterslide. Tea House. Cooperative spirit. Social but mellow evenings.

Titan Island

8 houseboats, a few sailboats. Space Pirates. People seriously committed to social responsibility, fun, and technology. And Bacon.

Shitshow / Blanket Fort

Official Trailer Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JmKMgi_A_g

Art Projects

Blanket Fort Island

Blanket Fort Island / SS Shit Show, Ephemerisle 2013. Photo by Matt Bell.

Barrel float island constructed mostly from found materials.

Artists: LAbikecult

Hyper Cube ??

HyperCube, Ephemerisle 2013. Photo by Matt Bell.

A floating jungle gym structure with PVC pipes and pool noodles.

Artist: ???

LoveCraft Flowers

LoveCraft Flowers, Ephemerisle 2013. Photos by Tyson Macdonald.

Paper flowers and ceiling decorations aboard the LoveCraft

Artist: Belle Black

Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4, Ephemerisle 2013. Photo by Tyson Macdonald.

A floatilla of pool rafts anchored to a spot part way between the islands. It served as both a remote get-away and a rest stop for swimmers between the islands.

Artists: Tyson Macdonald and Darryl Hunt, Ephemerisle 2013, 2014

Rooftop Zomes

Zome, Ephemerisle 2013. Photo by Tyson Macdonald.

Rooftop Zome, curated by Candice Achenbach. Made by Rob ?

Artist: Candice Achenbach, Ephemerisle 2013, 2014

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish ??

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish ??, Ephemerisle 2013. Photo by Matt Bell.

Animated lighting of a dolphin rising up to a small flying saucer.

Artists: David and Candy Smith


Turtle, Ephemerisle 2013. Photo by Lisa Fabiny-Kiser.

Rooftop Turtle and cuddle room.

Artists: Joanna Bresee, et. al.

Photos / Videos

Meeting Minutes

2013_02_23_Planning_Meeting Coordination Between Attendees