2013 02 23 Planning Meeting

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Chris R. and Kristy are planning a professionally anchored island with a chilled out atmosphere.

Taran and Scott N. are in the early stages of discussing a louder, party island.

Sean K is planning an island with a seasteading focus: sustainability, boat skills, fishing, etc.

Everyone needs to start advertising their island and recruiting people to them. It needs to be clear to everyone through the Facebook group and the wiki that if you're not a part of an Island, you will be out there in the water by yourself.


There were two 20'x24' platforms last year. The storage unit for them is paid up until May 1. After that, unless anyone claims the materials they will be sold on craiglists.

So… step up if you want platform building materials and are ready to take responsibility for building something with them!

Taran and Scott N. may take half of the material to build a big platform for their island next year. The rest of the materials may go to a bunch of smaller platforms (8'x8'? 12'x8'?) for various activity and art projects.

The biggest hurdle by far in building these platforms is loading the plywood on and off of the houseboats through the narrow gate at the marina. Collectively we should be looking at and working on idea for solving that bottleneck.


Two transportation problems need to be solved. Getting people from shore to the islands and getting people around the city from island to island.

John B. has a friend who can provide a 16' Roundabout with a 70hp engine that should work perfectly getting people to and from the marina.

There is still talk about Bus Ephemerisle. And I think Taran is going to be looking further into it. One idea was Train Ephemerisle with a bunch of 8'x8' platforms tied together.

Storage for projects remains a big problem. Jenn Z has a big backyard which might be available for storing things. A massive 20'x40' storage space can be rented on Bethel Island for \$225/mo. Richardson Bay can be used to permanently anchor a boat.


Jenn Z is making a 2 meter magic LED lotus flower out of trash.

Sean K and his island will be working on bioremediation (sp?) and a tensegrity sculpture.

Adam is looking into an art project that involves fire and water. Maybe a flaming waterfall.

Lindsey will be hosting some life vest decorating parties.

Chris R is working on two ideas. Inflatable art sculptures that can be easily transported to the event, then blown up to size. Also, a giant moon to light up the night sky (and thumb our noses at Chicken John).

Randall is working on soundscapes and lightscapes.

And Taran is building "something awesome".

Bus Ephemerisle (or "The Ephemerisle Train") remain on a bunch of people's minds, but we still don't know what we're building or where to store it.

Talk to these people if you want to help out!


Laura S will host the next Ephemerisle Planning meeting in San Francisco sometime in March.

There are also upcoming raft-ups in both Aquatic Park, SF and at Angel Island.