2012 Anchoring

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2012 Anchoring Process (for Harbor Masters)

Ephemerisle city 2012.png

​1) Boat #1 drops a 60lb anchor _with a float attached to it_. This float will be used as in indicator, but also will probably be necessary to pull up these huge anchors.

​2) Tie off the boat by running a houseboat 1/2" 50' line through the eye at the end of the 3/4" anchor line, tying it off to front and rear cleats.

​2) Boat #2 pulls up downwind of Boat #1 and is lashed off.

​3) Boats #3-4 follow this process.

​4) Boat #8 pulls up perpendicular to the raft. At this point the cradle can be expanded to share the load among the cleats on boats #1 and #7

​5) Boat #9 pulls up alongside boat #8. The cradle should be completed.

​6) Boats #5, #6, and #7 complete the flotilla.

​7) Send out the 25lb anchor on a dinghy.\ a) It needs to be dropped off at a large angle to the wind to create the shape of the city.\ b) This anchor also needs a float so the other flotilla's stern anchor line will not get crossed with this one.\ c) Use 3x50' lines tied together for the anchor line. We'll need lots of extra scope here to be able to adjust the line when more boats show up or if boats leave.\ d) Use a 4th 50' line to create a bridle splitting the load between at least two cleats.

​8) Add a few extra houseboat anchors for additional holding power. Use 2x50' lines tied together for reasonable scope.

Detailed Notes on Logistics (for Harbor Masters)

Setting up the city

​1) All of the anchoring supplies except the 3x 25lb anchors are currently in the storage locker and should be moved up to the event in the same U-haul as the main platform. Chris Rasch has the 25lb anchors and will be bringing them up separately.

​2) Here's a breakdown of the chain and where it goes.

​a) Bucket with 30' of 1/2" BIG chain - goes with the 60lb Danforth.\ b) Milk carton with 80' of 3/8" chain (weighs a TON) - goes with 60lb CQR anchor.\ c) Bucket of 5/16" shiny new chain - goes with the 25lb anchors.\ d) Bucket of 1/4" shiny new chain - goes with houseboat anchors. (There is also 4' piece of rusty chain in the same bucket. It was intended as an "anchor puller").\ e) There's a small (10lb?) anchor with about 6' of chain attached to it. I suggest we cut the chain off of that anchor, and use the chain elsewhere if needed.

​3) There are also 4 boathooks.

​4) IMPORTANT - Tie a tripline to both 60lb anchors.

​a) Use the 3/8" line from the spool and cut it to length.\ b) The CQR anchor has a hole specifically provided for this purpose. Something will have to be improvised for the Danforth.\ c) Use bowlines.

​5) Use zipties to lock all shackles to make sure the screws don't work themselves loose.

​6) It should be possible to tie 1/2" line on to 5/16" chain without using a shackle; It should be possible to tie 3/8" line to a 1/4" chain without using a shackle.

​a) Use bowlines

​7) IMPORTANT - CQR anchors don't set quite as easily as the Danforth anchors. Lower it slowly, and make sure that it is set by motoring the houseboat backward and seeing if it holds.

​8) Make sure there are some strong people on the first boats going out and the last boats coming back. Those anchors with chain are heavy!

Heading home

​1) Rinse all of the chain in fresh water. If possible leave it in the sun for a bit to dry.

​2) IMPORTANT - The 1/2" chain, the 80' of 3/8" chain, and the 2x60lb anchors are borrowed. Make sure they get back to SF and don't end up in the storage locker!