2012 05 25 Planning Meeting

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Ephemerisle Planning Meeting February 25th Agenda:

  • Someone here wrote about "leaders"? We've previously described ourselves as an event without leaders (like Burning Man was from the early days until 1997). If we're to change that, we need to have a big, serious discussion and decide if it's necessary. I (adam) would personally prefer if we continue forward without any leaders and really encourage people to step up on an individual basis. Radical self-reliance and all of that.
  • Review what worked and what did not work doc.
  • Stuff to get done:
  • City design & urban planning
  • City assembly & anchoring
  • City disassembly & anchor removal
  • Transport for large projects
  • Central platform assembly/disassembly
  • Central platform usage scheduling / administration
  • Boat ferrying (some guy at H&H willing to give rides for \$10... need to investigate)
  • Safety/medical (Fr33 aid?)
  • Art
  • Radio station
  • Wiki gardening
  • Toilets
  • Encouraging & funding art projects
  • Dedicated space for docking of speedboat
  • Photos of lead(?) personnel so others can identify them?
  • Lots of people want to come but all boats are rented... what are some good alternate solutions?
  • The MEDIA question. That was the one big point of controversy from last year, and we need to decide what to do.
  • Role of "captains" and "captain's meetings"
  • City design
  • Two - F, 3, - What will current be doing?

Candace has friends who have boat

  • Need craft/platform section on the wiki. Sailboats should declare their existence if they want to join the city (Chris Rasch) - desire for noisy/quiet spaces

Dave J happy to help... Ping Mikle and Tobias.

Group is right place to post messages.

Laura will handle lost & found.

Toilets... put up list on wiki of what NOT to expect

Mike will *probably* be harbormaster

Anchoring & civic infrastructure.

Adam -- will buy more anchors.

Adam will update list of what every boat should bring. -- Minimal list of things to attach to the group.

Central platform -- looking for leader.

Paul interested in organizing ferry. Will let us know within a week.

BYOL -- there won't be something ready.


  • Floating mylar thingy (sahra) - Fire platform - High school prom. "Enchantment on the sea" -


Ancient lasers show Friday night


Pictures + skills. Pics at event.

Have a photo of boat captain up.