2012 05 25 CRASHSpace Ephem2012 Planning Meeting

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Some pleasantries and politicking, a few people confirmed private arrangements of boats and berths.

Clive showed off his increasingly impressive jellypuss stuff: 1

Many people are still without a home on the water. The Sleeper Service has a lot of maybes, but has to finalize size pretty soon. Last last last day to join is June 1st, but it would be helpful to know sooner. Sign up by buying your slot on the wepay: 2

The Sleeper Service and some other projects are being carried out onto the water by a new little custom barge. It'll also have solar provided electricity for sustainable cellphone and laptop use. If you need stuff brought on the water, would like to support sustainable power at Ephemerisle, or would just plain like to help build new boats and capacity to get art and people onto the water: 3

People expressed some concern with the three part city plan. Many were afraid the gaps would reduce foot traffic and create isolated groups. The existence of bridges and ferry systems would alleviate these concerns. An alternate large U of houseboats with an offset section for independent boats was floated as a possibility that would require less bridging.

Carpools and ferry service was discussed, some private arrangements were made, more options added to the coordination page. Paul has a hackpad up with some deets of marina transport: 4

The Central Platform still has unassigned time. Please make Candice happy and fill up the schedule: 5

Radio FMerisle still seemingly has open spots in the schedule, contact thipdar for details.

Pleasantries, creamed cookies, exeunt.