2012 05 05 Planning meeting

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The big stuff: - We’re going to split the city into 3 sections, not 2. There will be two L-shaped sections consisting primarily of houseboats, each with a large platform centered in the L, and with the two Ls roughly facing each other and a bunch of art in the middle. The third section will be a line of large houseboats, powerboats, and other craft, and will face the central art area. This has numerous advantages in terms of faster assembly and better anchoring strategy. - Each of the three city sections will need a harbormaster. Mike Katsevman is the harbormaster for one of the Ls, and we need to find a harbormaster for the other L. The harbormaster will direct the assembly, anchoring, and disassembly of their city section over the radio. - We will use rope barges to get between the city sections. Lemonade and Lasers will be one of the rope barges. - Each city section will have a large sign, visible from a distance, with information on how to contact the harbormaster. Harbormasters will be reachable on frequency 69 on VHF as well as on cellphone. - Adam Katz, our anchoring czar, has procured some large anchors and extra line on loan. Harbormasters of the Ls should talk to him to get these anchors. - We need to figure out who is going to be operating a high-speed ferry to H&H. Paul Grasshoff – are you running one?

Details & reminders: - Paul Wheeler is lending a large anchor to Adam Katz - Candace will rebroadcast the call for central platform activities

Candace will talk to Matt about what it takes to run the Memocracy talks - Adam Katz will investigate painting the center of the central platform on-site on Wednesday of the event. - Adam Katz will get at least two 60lb Danforth anchors. - Matt will post to FB about storing the central platforms closer to the bay. - Adam is going to get a lot of cheap life vests. Ping him if you want one. - Matt and Adam will both buy more line. - Find out what’s happening with Justin Corwin’s trailer boat. Justin – is this where the sleeper service people are staying, or somewhere else? How big is your boat, and can you add it to the craft list? City design

  Signage\    Assembly / harbormasters\    Anchoring\    Rope barges / ferries\    

Central platform events


Storage / transport

Art focus

  Art wrangler

City design – houseboat-adding end. Sailboats bring own anchors

Lemonade and Lasers as the rope barge.

One side sets up first, then other side. Two lead anchor boats.

Chris -> truck pricing / reservations. Justin -> trailer/boat

3rd city section for sailboats and powerboats.

Dinghies may be donated by powerboat people

Two anchors

CQR – Paul willing to load additional large anchor.

Preferred frequency for boats as they approach. Choose a specific hailing frequency. 69.

Iphone app

Matt to buy more rope. Adam to get more rope too.

Get both 60lb anchors

Eugene -> Memocracy

Microtalks -> Candace to run

Central platform events – Candace to rebroadcast

Adam to post about painting Could paint central platform at event on Wednesday.

Additional local storage for central platform – matt to post to FB

Adam – get a lot of cheap/free life vests

Ferry ?? -- Check with Paul

Add bathrooms to user guide.