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History: 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - Overview

  • More / better official ferries
  • More / better platforms
  • More distance between islands (seemed more incidental than intentional)
  • More big sound systems
  • Good relationship with marina (Korth’s Pirates Lair). They stayed late, and even made official looking signs for Ephemerislers.

Dates: July 22 - July 28

Location: Mandeville Point

2019 Aerial View
Dumbo Island
Floating Delorian




Barge was spud anchored, which was easier, safer, and less costly (time/labor).


Art Projects



Join us for a live performance of APOTHEOSIS, a theater event debuting on Siren Island this Ephemerisle.

Artist: Siren Island Crew

Arts And Entertainment District

A magical art park of sculpture, chill space, interactive art, and public space environments.

The Arts and Entertainment District will be an inter-island effort and include varied music, interactive art and games, talks and workshops, climbable things, chill spaces, art boats and interisland ferries, live music, and more. There will be daytime activities, nighttime magic, interisland cruises, and play.

Join us: artphemerisle@gmail.com

Organized by: Stellar Grey

Have You No Shame?

Have You No Shame? An Interactive Social Hygiene Teaching Game

Have You No Shame are a set of "Adopt-a-Shame" cards featuring festival and boating mishaps and social faux pas. Adopt someone else's abandoned Shame and pose for a proud photo as a new Shameparent. Look for the person who actually did the bad thing. Also, don't ever do that thing again.

Have You No Shame may attempt to be a photo booth for 2019. There will at least be a cool sign, by Dawn Ho.

Join us: tenminutedate@gmail.com

Artists: Sharon Kubo and Stellar Grey

Siren Island

Siren Island is modeled off the greek mythology of the Seirēn, it makes relevant the powerful untamed feminine that bestows healing powers and offers the wisdom of nature. Through archaeological and ethnographic research on the history and use of olive oil, our treatments revolve around oil bathing, giving the island its phrase ET OLEVM AD INFLVVNT, meaning “The Oil Will Flow.” We repair what has been stripped from our skin and teach what has been forgotten from our language. We commune with the earth and bathe in the harvest. They had nectar and ambrosia, but we have olive oil, and The Oil Will Flow.

Artist: Serena JV Elston

Swimming Tree

A living tree installation.

The Swimming Tree will grow from a floating platform that sits at the center of the Arts District and acts as a swimming dock. During the day, swimmers will relax on cushions under the tree’s shade. At night, lights will peak from the canopy and create a quiet and magical place.

Artist: Emma Ainge

Art Boats

Floating Delorean

The Entanglement

The Entanglement: pontoons below, beats above. Creating a space for creative expression through dance and music.

Artist: Woody

Video with The Entanglement and Venom.

The Pontunery

For the third year, The Pontunery Shade Platform returns to Ephemerisle to host live music jams, performances, and workshops on our beautiful floating porch.

The Pontunery first arrived at Ephemerisle as a pontoon boat in 2016, hence the name. We rented a pontoon boat and transformed it into a live music jam space with comfortable seating and shade. In 2017 we created a 12x16 hand-built floating porch for waterside music playing and lounging in the shade. We have hosted karaoke, workshops and talks, a dance party, and much music-playing.

Artist: Stellar Grey



Wut..Huh? Whoa! guide

Ephemerisle! Are you considering hosting an event? Are you bringing any art? Would you like to give a talk, run a workshop, host a happy hour, teach a class, organize a happening, activate an activity?

Dance parties...cooking competitions...naked memorial services...lightning talks...swaddling meditations...how are *you* going to make Ephemerisle weird and/or wonderful this year?

If you would like to promote your event, please add it to this year's Wut...Huh? Whoa! guide!

Instead of attempting to print and distribute copies this year, we'll post tiny URLs all over for your clicking pleasure.



Elysium ferry rides wanted!

Are you planning to be aboard Elysium Archipelago at Ephemerisle 2019? Are you planning to take the ferry to and from Elysium? If so, please fill out this survey so that we can schedule the ferries in the best way to meet the demand.



Driving to the event with an empty seat? Need a ride (by car--ferry rides are separate) to the event? Please put yourself on the rideshare:



Arts And Entertainment District

[Gofundme funding]

The Entanglement

[Gofundme funding]

The Pontunery

Maintenance and support fund ($600/yr maintenance and upgrades): Paypal to Pontunery@gmail.com

Siren Island

For Siren Island and APOTHEOSIS.

[Rising Tithe Subscription[1]]

Swimming Tree

[Gofundme funding]

Work Boats

Also known as "Bust Out a Second Thousand".

Workboats, interisland ferries, boats for nighttime island-hopping, marina pickup, boats to rescue your island's broken boat-small workboats make Ephemerisle possible. Boats also cost. Boats break. Boat storage costs. Boats use much more gas than cars. They also sometimes sink and cost money to recover. Ask us how we know.

We have a 2019 crew in need of event workboats, and old workboats in need of that infamous "another thousand". Bust Out A Second Thousand will support workboats for art projects for the Arts And Entertainment District project. Please support our boating habit so you don't have to develop this addiction yourself.

[Gofundme funding]

Organized by: Stellar Grey

Everybody Poops! 3: A Trip To My Loo

Ephemerisle! By popular demand, we bring you... TOILETS!

Ephemerisle has no more rental houseboats, and with them went all of their toilet/holding tank infrastructure. That could be a shitty situation. So - let's pitch in for the Poop Deck 2019! We are also looking for a better loading system/a lift gate, so there is less wrestling of toilets onto trailers this year.

Community toilets are following The Pontunery to it's 2019 site, and will be located at the Arts And Entertainment District, an art park of public hangout spaces, art, and art boat docks at Elysium Archipelago.

[Gofundme funding]

Organized by: Stellar Grey

Replace Sparr's generator

If you camped on or near the Blues House last year at Ephemerisle, Sparr's generator was a key contribution to making the environment of the Blues House and the Mazapeta much quieter than it would otherwise have been.

Unfortunately, his generator didn't make it back to him.

If you enjoy soundscapes less marred by noisy generators, please donate to help him pay for a replacement, so that we may continue to enjoy similar quiet at future Ephemerisle.


Organized by: Sparr Risher

Elysium Barge

Dear Ephemerisle Family,

We are taking this opportunity to express our gratitude, the fundraiser was a phenomenal success with around 8k raised, this helps our ecstatic community stay afloat.The steadiness of our sail comes from the contributions of our volunteers, attendees and benefactors.

While the wind carrying us is strong, we are 2k shy of our goal. The complete 10k affords the purchase of a work boat to reliably move the barge and act as a ferry for Elysium. We are soliciting donations for the next two weeks. If you have previously expressed an interest in contributing funds to keep our beloved barge project alive, helping close this financial gap is a great way to do it.

If you can support us, please send a note to barge-admin@googlegroups.com - we take cash, crypto and we’ll broadcast your generosity to the community (or not, if you prefer).

Or support the barge on an ongoing basis by joining our Patreon.

Photographs from the fundraiser photo booth: https://gallery.snapyourself.com/gallery/19-06-08-poolparty/

Photographs of the fundraiser by Woody: http://bfwphotography.com/2019-06-08-Ephemerisle…/index.html


Organized by: Colleen, Alex, Roxy, Jo, Chris


Berths Available

For berths available announcements see the berths available for 2019.

Elysium ferry drivers wanted!

Still looking for volunteer ferry drivers for Elysium (et. al.), so if you are willing but did not already indicate interest, it is not too late to sign up:

Fill out this survey to indicate your experience and availability: https://forms.gle/D2Az8n4HXxT5eTH9A

Join the volunteer ferry planning call tonight (Monday, July 1) at 8:30PM PT. If you fill out the form above prior to 7:30PM, Reo will email you dial-in instructions.

Inexpensive pontoons wanted

Got a project pontoon sitting quietly somewhere? Want to rent/loan/trade use of it to us? We'll turn it into art or living space.