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(Blog posts and press)
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= Blog posts and press =
= Blog posts and press =
* KPIX Channel 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDh_9HWuI0g
* Local news: http://www.recordnet.com/article/20160714/NEWS/160719841
* Vice was also on scene interviewing people.
= Videos =
= Videos =

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Dates: July 11 - July 17.

Location: Mandeville Point

Included a pre-build for the first time in Ephemerisle's history (except perhaps 2009)


Blog posts and press




Bump Bed

Dance floor and a big sound system.




Barbary Coast

Holland Riverside Marina Yacht Club

A full yacht club including bar, stage for live music, pool table, and outdoor movie theater was floated over for the gathering.


Just one houseboat this year.

Japanese News Crew (???)

Did anyone get the name of their island? There was actually a very nice little platform behind their powerboats.

Moss Isley

Another successful year of the "introvert island".

Sailor Park aka Portapotty Island, LMV Island, Lumps for Dumps, and Hot Topless Girl Lava Pit

A rickety platform which barely held together, a pontoon boat, and the cutest miniature houseboat ever. Connected to the Washed Up Yacht Club via a rope bridge.

Washed Up Yacht Club

Maxed out at about 11 sailboats and one powerboat.

Washed Up Yacht Club East

3 sailboats who wanted an island a bit quieter than the WUYC.

Art projects

Meeting notes

Notes from the "Future of Ephemerisle" meeting.