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So what the hell is not-Ephemerisle?
So what the hell is not-Ephemerisle?

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File:Ephemerisle1.jpg So what the hell is not-Ephemerisle?

Are you new to this not-event? Here's what we're about. A simple-but-somewhat-inaccurate comparison would be Burning Man on the water. We are a gathering of thinkers, doers, artists, builders, and partiers on the Sacramento River Delta. We construct a floating city from nothing and live in it for four days, learning a lot about life on water in the process. We're somewhat connected to the broader ...Seasteading movement, which has the goal of creating independent nations on the ocean, free from the constraints of narrow-minded governments.

This event was originally organized by TSI, but they had to back out during the middle of the second year for insurance reasons. The event was cancelled by TSI but in the last minute (in the true spirit of minimal government) self-organized, and still came together very well.

Since this is not a festival, there are no tickets (Ticket price: $0). Just show up, and be prepared to be self-reliant.

Here's the Facebook page of Not-Ephemerisle 2011:


Here's the Facebook page of last year's event:


Here's the location.


Here are some pictures from 2009:


This year we want to make the event even more awesome, with more projects, more floating craft, more art, more unconferences, and more experimentation.