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Floating art, including art boats, is an essential part of the Ephemerisle experience.

Current Projects for 2022

Art projects for the upcoming year can be found on the Ephemerisle 2020 page. Also check out the Fundraisers.

The list there is never comprehensive, but it should give an idea of some of what's showing up.

Past projects:




Arts And Entertainment District

A magical art park of sculpture, chill space, interactive art, and public space environments. Organized by: Stellar Grey


MUSIC . LIBATIONS . CURSES . PROPHECY. Artist: Siren Island Crew

Siren Island

Siren Island is modeled off the greek mythology of the Seirēn. Artist: Serena JV Elston

Swimming Tree

The Swimming Tree will grow from a floating platform that sits at the center of the Arts District and acts as a swimming dock. Artist: Emma Ainge

The Pontunery

The Pontunery Shade Platform returns to Ephemerisle to host live music jams, performances, and workshops on our beautiful floating porch. Artist: Stellar Grey

Have You No Shame?

Have You No Shame are a set of "Adopt-a-Shame" cards featuring festival and boating mishaps and social faux pas. Artists: Sharon Kubo and Stellar Grey

The Entanglement

The Entanglement: pontoons below, beats above. Creating a space for creative expression through dance and music. Artist: Woody







The Hot Tub Boat/Hot Lagoon/Lagoon of Terror

A giant floating structure supporting multiple layers of hammocks. Artist: Matt Bell

Hot Tub

A sunken hot tub, using a sheet of neoprene to separate the hot water from the cold. Artist: Jane Huang

Meditation Platform

A quiet space in which to recharge without any social pressures. Artist: Laura Salcido

Titan Platform Painting

The best decorated place to dance! Artist: Jen Zariat, Adam Katz

Twister Platform

Floating twister board. Artist: Adam Katz

(Details on 2014 Art Projects)


"Blanket Fort" under construction

Blanket Fort Island

Barrel float island constructed mostly from found materials. Artists: LAbikecult

Hyper Cube ??

A floating jungle gym structure with PVC pipes and pool noodles.

LoveCraft Flowers

Paper flowers and ceiling decorations aboard the LoveCraft Artist: Belle Black

Platform 9 3/4

A floatilla of pool rafts anchored to a spot part way between the islands. Artists: Tyson Macdonald and Darryl Hunt, Ephemerisle 2013, 2014

Rooftop Zomes

Rooftop Zome, curated by Candice Achenbach. Made by Rob ? Artist: Candice Achenbach, Ephemerisle 2013, 2014

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish ??

Animated lighting of a dolphin rising up to a small flying saucer. Artists: David and Candy Smith


Rooftop Turtle and cuddle room. Artists: Joanna Bresee, et. al.

(Details on 2013 Art Projects)



The Bearded Lady

Be the Bearded Lady. Artist: Gerry Deckert

Cuddle Gallery

This 24'x28' platform and dome was the coziest place at Ephemerisle - a place to admire art, exchange ideas and dream! Artists: Kristy Hilands, Candice Achenbach, Christopher Rasch

Lemonade and Lasers

A floating lemonade stand with lasers, and maybe underwater lights too! Artist: Bonnie Barrilleaux


A tent with LED lighting and tentacles hanging from the ceiling. Artists: Joanna, Ping, & Helen


A massive underwater octopus-like light show. Artists: Michael Clive & Cyprien Noel; Ephemerisle 2012, 2014

(Details on 2012 Art Projects)


"Game Platform"

Cuddle Tent

A colorful and semi-private place to snuggle up.

Artist: Matt Bell, Kate _?

Pyramid / Reed Forest

Pyramid: A floating pyramid structure made of PVC tubing and pool noodles.

Artist: Joseph Kisenwether

Reed Forest: A floating array of vertical pool noodles mounted on a submerged wooden structure. An experiment which didn't turn out all that well.

Artist: Matt Bell

Tilting Game Platform

This 8'x 8' platform is designed to hold up to 2 people and allow them to tilt the platform and thus roll a ball by moving around.

Artist: Matt Bell and Kate _?

Water Slide

A semi-floating water slide for quick boat evacuation.

Artist: Erin Rapacki; Ephemerisle 2011, 2012

(Details on 2011 Art Projects)



The Relentless Artstead Boat Project

... explore the possibilities of art, performance, and seasteading while bringing boating into the world of art and art into the world of boating. Crew members from the project "Swimming Cities of Serenissima" by the artist Swoon have teamed up with an all star crew of Bay Area artists to salvage a 1945 hand crafted houseboat. We plan to convert the boat into a mobile artstead in the ad-hoc style of San Francisco's unique D.I.Y. arts community.

Dandelion (aka, the world's largest koosh ball)

Made from close to 300 pool noodles, the Dandelion was the Epic Pool Toy of Not-Ephemerisle 2010.

Artist: Matt Bell

(Details on 2010 Art Projects)



Achievement Lounge

People who reached the end of the path to the Achievement Lounge got free beer. Then they had to try to get back.

Artist: Matt Bell


Apocaisle was an impressively large two-story pirate boat.

Creators include Paul Bohm and many others.


Floating flowers with nighttime lights.

Artist: Anja Ulfeldt

Floating Swing

The floating swing was one of the interactive toys.

Artist: Dav Yaginuma

Ripple Theater

The Ripple Theater used the ripples in the water as an analog ray-tracer to create trippy visual effects from a projector's image. People dancing on platforms nearby created ripples in time with the music, which then created synced visuals on the screen.

Artist: Matt Bell

Turtle Boat

Artist: Unknown

(Details on 2009 Art Projects)