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Art Boats are part of what makes Ephemerisle really special and unique, providing both inspiration and transportation.

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Artemiid sunset.jpg

Artemiid is a 22' interactive kinetic sculpture art boat inspired by aquatic organisms. It glows with light, shoots blue fire, and flutters with motions generated by the people riding inside. Artemiid is designed to mimic the beauty of sea life and to connect us to the magic hidden beneath the ocean's surface. Our Inspiration

The oceans cover over 75% of the earth and are crucial to the existence of humanity, yet many people know very little about them. The creatures that live in their watery depths are out of sight and out of mind. From coral reefs to to deep sea communities, nearly every type of marine environment is under threat from human activities like resource extraction, pollution, climate change and coastal development.

Artemiid is designed to remind people of our connection to the sea, that our movements upon the land are inseparable from the movements beneath the waves.

Active: ? - ?

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For this project we are using a 24 foot pontoon boat. It will get new decking. New motor. New custom built subs (8-18" drivers) 4 line array tops. Fire poofer. The theme of the art boat is going to resemble a stealth fighter scorpion. It will have retractable claws and a stinger that shoots fire.. :-) it will also host a DJ booth and the 21k watt sound powered by a 7k generator. It will also feature 1500 led lights that will all be controlled via special programming.

Years: 2016 - present

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The Pontunery

2018 bright color pontunery.jpg

The Pontunery Shade Platform hosts live music jams, performances, and workshops on our beautiful floating porch.

The Pontunery first arrived at Ephemerisle as a pontoon boat in 2016, hence the name. We rented a pontoon boat and transformed it into a live music jam space with comfortable seating and shade. In 2017 we created a 12x16 hand-built floating porch for waterside music playing and lounging in the shade. We have hosted karaoke, workshops and talks, a dance party, and much music-playing.

Artist: Stellar Grey