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After you've arrived at Ephemerisle, you're likely to want to explore other islands.

There is generally no transportation provided between islands and swimming is treacherous. Make friends for rides and make sure you have a solid plan to get home at the end of the night or you might be sleeping in the cold. If possible bring your own small watercraft.


If you can, can, bring a boat! Powerboats are dope — super fun and useful! People will love you if you bring a boat with a motor that can carry people and things.

It doesn’t even have to be yours! Borrow a boat from a friend and bring it if they’re not going to. More boats = better event. Boats.

Asking for a ride

If you do need a ride, there’s a few things to remember:

  1. You’re one of many! Boat people get asked frequently to shuttle people and things around! Be patient and accommodating to your boat person.
  2. Gas money and/or supplies are appreciated! Boats cost a lot to power and maintain. Help your boat person out with the costs of throwing money into a hole in the water.
  3. Boat times are imprecise at best and grossly inaccurate usually. Have a generous buffer for getting anywhere.


Kayaks are awesome too.

Ephemerisle is a whole different event when you are in control of your movement.

But the winds and currents are sometimes no joke at Ephemerisle. A hard shelled kayak, or at least a kayak with a skeg is far preferable to the basic models. The inflatable pool toy boats are almost useless at Ephemerisle, unless someone else is towing you. Read Principles of boat design.


It is sometimes possible to swim between islands, but it's always varying degrees of danger.

A powerboat running over someone is a very serious threat.

If you swim during the day, you should always bring some floaties with you to make yourself more visible.

You should never swim between islands at night.

Boat Etiquette

It's common courtesy to ask before boarding someone else's boat or island.