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The biggest year of Ephemerisle so far. Titan island was largely the central focus of the year. No real problems, and everyone left excited for 2015.

Dates: July 14 - 20.

Speedboat and jet ski service gracefully provided by several kind folks, especially Randolph Hencken of The Seasteading Institute.


Cuba Island

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Eyeland Island

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Titan Island

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Art Projects


CubeShip, Ephemerisle 2014. Photo by Judd Weiss.

A giant floating structure supporting multiple layers of hammocks.

More pictures at CubeShip Construction 2014

Artist: Matt Bell

Hot Tub

The Hot Tub Boat/Hot Lagoon/Lagoon of Terror, Ephemerisle 2014. Photo by ??.

A sunken hot tub, using a sheet of neoprene to separate the hot water from the cold.

It took 50 gallons of propane in rented tanks, an entire roll of 1/4 inch neoprene, 2 above ground pools, 5-10 cans of 3m 80 spray adhesive, 150' of PVC pipe, and several hundred wo-man-hours on everything from gluing insulation, to building and decorating the shade structure, to repairing the hot tub heater and filtration system.

[Tilt funding]

Artist: Jane Huang

Meditation Platform

Meditation Platform, Ephemerisle 2014. Photo by Alton Sun.

A quiet space in which to recharge without any social pressures.

[Tilt funding]

Artist: Laura Salcido

Titan Platform Painting

Titan Platform Pinting, Ephemerisle 2014. Photo by Tyson Macdonald.

The best decorated place to dance!

Artist: Jen Zariat, Adam Katz

Twister Platform

Twister Platform, Ephemerisle 2014. Photo by Matt Bell.

Player One: "Let's play Twister!"
Player Two: "None shall pass!"

Artist: Adam Katz




Turned into a huge conference with almost everyone attending and microtalks all day.

Titan Chef

Titan Chef

Mystery Ingredient -- Pluots.

4 chefs and their sous chefs competed in an epic battle. Jonathan Cain took the top prize.

Photos / Video

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