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Moving the platform
Ephemerisle 2010
The Relentless Artstead Boat Project

This year, The Seasteading Institute officially abandoned the event about a month before it was to begin because the insurance costs turned out to be around $300/person. As a community, we decided to show up anyway and create an unofficial self-organized event, branded "NotEphemerisle".

In the second year, Ephemerisle took place during July 23-25, 2010, in the Mandeville Tip County Park.

Despite the lack of central organization, it still worked quite well, and around 120 people showed up and had a great time. Besides recreational activities, the event also hosted 12 "Memocracy" talks.[1]

Art Projects

The Relentless Artstead Boat Project

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Relentless-Artstead-Boat-Project/100198673362740

Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2115247821/the-relentless-artstead-boat-project

From their site:

Our mission is to create a mobile community resource on which to explore the possibilities of art, performance, and seasteading while bringing boating into the world of art and art into the world of boating. Crew members from the project "Swimming Cities of Serenissima" by the artist Swoon have teamed up with an all star crew of Bay Area artists to salvage a 1945 hand crafted houseboat. We plan to convert the boat into a mobile artstead in the ad-hoc style of San Francisco's unique D.I.Y. arts community.

The Seasteading Institute has provided funding for the purchase of the boat and the rest is up to us! The boat has been lifted out of the water, repaired, and inspected. Once underway we have been utilizing recycled materials, including a converted Mercedes diesel car engine, to make the vision come to life. The next step is to move The Relentless from her current location in Bethel Island to the San Francisco Bay where she will continue to evolve through community input and ingenuity.

Collaborators include: Ben Burke, Anja Ulfeldt, Anton Bertaux, Chicken John Rinaldi, James (Skippy) Cross, and many many more to come.

Dandelion (aka, the world's largest koosh ball)

Made from close to 300 pool noodles, the Dandelion was the Epic Pool Toy of Not-Ephemerisle 2010.

More information at http://nasu-dengaku.livejournal.com/tag/koosh

Artist: Matt Bell