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Please help organize these events, and set dates for them.


[edit] Media pow wow with TSI

See the lengthy discussion on the What worked page.

[edit] Ideas for 2012

Our first pre-event meeting had a focus on event feedback. There should be a following meeting with the specific focus on what we want to see next year. See the page here as a starting point.

[edit] Orientation

There is an orientation meeting (primarily aimed at first-timers) scheduled for February 12th, 2012. The event will be from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM at 636 Santa Ray Ave., Oakland, CA. The event is a pot luck. Bring your Ephemerisle ideas and your interesting friends (and vice versa).

[edit] Design discussion w/ George Petrie

The Seasteading Institute's Director of Engineering George Petrie has offered to consult on a project for next year if there is a team interested in designing/building a small model of future seastead. For example, he could coach the building of a small semi-submersible platform such as those showcased on our website, which could be used a community space for future Ephemerisles.

[edit] Safety class(es)

A class to expand and distribute knowledge about first aid and boating safety through more of the community.

[edit] Boating class(es)

A class to expand and distribute knowledge about boating, particularly knot tying and anchoring, through more of the community.

[edit] Build days

Experimenting and learning how to build floating platforms, basic boats, art boats, etc.

2012: May 19, 20, 26, 27, June 2, 3: Floating platform for geodesic dome, 701 Beryl Place, Hayward, CA. All day long. Come to work, come to feed the workers or just come to sunbathe.

[edit] Art days

Days with a focus on expanding the aesthetic rather than engineering aspects of the event.

[edit] Fundraising Events

Organize fundraising events to offset costs for your favorite projects.

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