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[edit] Ephemerisle 2009

Ephemerisle 2009

The first Ephemerisle was held on October 2-4th, and located just SE of where Disappointment Slough (which extends to Paradise Point Marina) meets the main channel, as seen on this Google Map. The event was sponsored & run by The Seasteading Institute, with central platforms built by Chicken John Rinaldi and his hard-working crew, who built a work boat and crane for the operation.

The event amassed 9 houseboats and a community-built platform anchored to the shore. A variety of art projects were funded by TSI. The event attracted media attention and was the subject of a documentary by Stanford Film Master's student Jason Sussberg.[1] [2][3][4][5]. Perhaps most importantly, it was successful enough to lead to community interest and growth in future years. See the participant reports below for personal experiences.

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