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* Hire a barge to transport materials  
* Hire a barge to transport materials  
* Buy a barge to transport materials  
* Buy a barge to transport materials
====Open tasks====
====Open tasks====

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Sept 29, 2015






  • More/better ways to get to/from the marinas
  • More/better way to transport materials (plywood, etc) to and from the event
  • Dedicated docking for ferries
  • Dedicated docking for small
  • More berths
  • Storage for art boats
  • Transport for art boats
  • Work space for art boats near the event
  • Better information sharing about existing resources (wiki, etc)

Possible solutions

  • Oceanus is planning to bring the Aurora next year, a German cruise ship with 1000+ berths. However, the ship needs substantial restoration work. Those who put in sufficient hours for the restoration will get berths for free/reduced price.
  • Green boats (similar to the green bikes at Burning Man). One possibility is the Sea-cycle limo, which is a pedal-powered catamaran which can carry 4 people:


  • Hire a barge to transport materials
  • Buy a barge to transport materials

Open tasks

  • Promote the wiki more (if anyone wants editing access, get in touch with
  • Contact local marinas to arrange staging space for art boats.
  • Contact Hiltons to inquire about using their property as a staging and launch space
  • Create a volunteer group to give back to the local community (delta restoration, trash cleanup, park infrastructure builds) to make amends for negative externalities we may impose on the surrounding community
  • Search for barge for purchase/rental


  • Patio boats can comfortably take 15 people, 19 max. More than that, and they're likely to capsize.
  • Limited number of patio boats at Paradise Point.
  • Get in touch with Sean Ironstag or Lucas Royland for inquiries about berthing on the Aurora or volunteering for the Aurora restoration
  • If you'd like to help with a green boat program, get in touch with Chris Rasch