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Nautical Chart

Sacramento Delta

GPS Coordinates: (HERE)

Bottom Conditions: I found the bottom to be good holding mud, with some medium vegetation. Depth is a scope-friendly 14-17 feet (MLLW) across the whole anchorage. My 25lbs Mantus anchor held fast, and came up with some effort covered in mud and a lot of water hyacinth.

Muddy anchor with weeds

Hazards: Most of the middle of the sunken island seemed clear of hazards, but the perimeter is rich with submerged tree stumps which represent potentially dangerous and hidden danger to vessels. Some of these are charted, but one should keep a careful eye out within 20 feet of the perimeter, in addition to the usual visual awareness and familiarity with the charted hazards. Study the charted hazards carefully, especially near whichever entrance you use.

Wind and Currents: Wind was pretty constant and mild from the west, partially blocked by the berm that separates Mildred island from the branch of the Middle river that runs past its west side. Current wasn't noticeable while I was there, but that may not always be true. Definitely less current than Mandeville Point though.


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