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These marinas are the most relevant and useful for Ephemerislers.

Note - Distances are miles on the water from the marina/launch point.

Relevant Marinas

Aurora / SS Mazapeta / H&H Marina'

If you're on the SS Mazapeta / Aurora, this is where the ship / ferries will launch from / return to, and is where the ferries will run from. Note that the marina itself is closed, boat launch overgrown with weeds, and the parking area locked off. It's still possible to park nearby and launch small vessels (kayaks, etc.) from a small launch a mile or so further down the road.

Distance to Mandeville: 2.6 miles
H&H Marina / Herman and Helen's Marina
15138 W 8 Mile Rd
Stockton, CA 95219
SS Mazapeta launch/return/parking:

SHIP Marina

This marina is owned and operated by Ephemerisle participants and is dedicated to Ephemerisle activities during the event. Ferry pickup will be on the docks behind the gate. Enjoy the accomodations while waiting for the ferry!

Distance to Mandeville: 8 miles

Address: 6065 Bethel Island Rd. Bethel Island CA 94511
Marina Map:
Parking GPS pin:
Marina dock location:
Parking Fee (2021): Payment is a flat fee of $45 for any event duration, reserve at

Delta Bay Marina

Distance to Mandeville: 7.75 miles
Address: 922 West Brannan Island Road, Isleton, CA 95641
Marina Phone: (916) 777-5588

Holland Riverside Marina

Where the Elysium barge used to be docked.

Distance to Mandeville: 12 miles

7000 Holland Tract Rd
(925) 628-7557

Riverboat Marina

Distance to Mandeville: 4.6 miles

Maybe free parking

Lighthouse Marina

Distance to Mandeville : 4.6 miles

Boat ramp. Apparently a new business who may be willing to make deals to attract customers.

King Island Resort

Distance to Mandeville: 5.6 miles (a few miles down the road from H&H marina)
11530 W Eight Mile Rd Stockton, CA 95219
(209) 951-2188
Have gas, ice, a boat launch, and a small convenience store.

Other marinas

These marinas don't have services generally applicable to Ephemerislers.

Paradise Point Marina

This was the marina which Ephemerislers rented houseboats from. Now their houseboat rental business has shutdown.

Distance to Mandeville: (by boat)- 6 miles