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While taking apart the city there were a lot of very bad knots. Generally speaking a good knot not only holds whatever it is designed to, but is also easy to untie. Knots on top of knots on top of knots, shows a lack of confidence that the original knot will hold.

Everyone should know these

  • Cleat Hitch - Used for attaching anchors lines or dock lines to a cleat.
  • Bowline - Forms a loop which holds perfectly, yet unties almost effortlessly.
  • Bowline on a Bight - Another way of tying a bowline when you don't have access to the end of the line.
  • Figure 8 - Stopper knot
  • Slipped Buntline Hitch - A good temporary knot which will hold, but comes undone with one pull. Useful for temporarily tying up a dinghy or a kayak.
  • Butterfly Coil - An improperly coiled rope will knot and tangle, making it difficult or impossible to deploy when needed. The butterfly coil is a method of of coiling rope without twists/knots. If you have a very long rope, or limited arm strength, you can butterfly coil the rope over your neck, instead of your arm.

Other important knots for Ephemerisle

Important if you're anchoring

Important if you're sailing

Additional boating knots are listed on Animated Knots.