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While taking apart the city there were a lot of very bad knots. Generally speaking a good knot not only holds whatever it is designed to, but is also easy to untie. Knots on top of knots on top of knots, shows a lack of confidence that the original knot will hold.

Here are knots everyone should know for a tieup like ephemerisle:

  1. Cleat Hitch - Used for attaching anchors lines or dock lines to a cleat.
  2. Figure 8 - Stopper knot
  3. Bowline - Forms a loop which holds perfectly, yet unties almost effortlessly.
  4. Clove Hitch - To tie off a line to a post, or railing.

Extra knots which are good to know:

  1. Fisherman's Knot - A good way of attaching to lines together
  2. [True Reef Knot] - A good temporary knot which will hold, but comes undone with one pull.
  3. Trucker's Hitch