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History: 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020 - 2021 - 2022 - Overview

Human Launcher, Photo credit: Chase Brush

Dates: July 25 - July 31

Location: Mildred Island


Islands form the foundation of Ephemerisle.

Most people are part of one island of another, though a few boats anchor off by themselves.

Here's a list of islands through the years, and some of the islands planning on showing up in 2022 are below:

Big Booty

Big boats, big docks, BIG dance floor, big DJs, and more. If you want quiet...

this may not be the island you wanna live on, but it is definitely the island you want to visit!

Electric Avenue

The World's First Electric Boat Charging Station

Brewster haa been dreaming of a "Electric Broom"-- a motor/propeller on the end of a stick, and the stick holds the batteries. You can ride it from island to island, recharge it on Electric Avenue.

Maybe Chris Willson will let us use the island we used for Vinyl Isle in 2021... Maybe Tim Anderson will lend some solar panels... Maybe someone has an EV battery... Maybe Jim Mason's All-power-labs gasifier... Clyde suggested putting a Nissan Leaf Battery in a boat Hull with a prop, so we can drive that to get recharged and other uses...

Who wants to help?


Bargey, the Elysium Barge, planned on coming back. Bargey did not come back.


Returns hosting Chuck the Human Launcher!

Washed Up Yacht Club

Sailors of the WUYC will be coming back to form one or more islands. Clusterfunk Island was one WUYC island and hosted Mayor Boots as well as supporters of Boots' opposition, the clusterfungals.

Art Boats

Art Projects

For inspiration, a list of Art Projects through the years.

Chuck the Human Launcher

Chuck returned to Ephemerisle on Flatland on Friday to resume launching humans into the Delta. Equipped with a new hammock chair, Chuck sent over 50 humans to swim with the Clusterfungals.


The only place to get your news, the Ephemerisle Daily provided hard-hitting journalism throughout the week to keep our islands informed. The editors at Ephemerisle Daily were not and continue to not be connected to any one political party.

Our latest editions are below:

Issue #01

Issue #02

Issue #03

Issue #04



Ephemerisle cannot be reached by land. You must arrange for transport and lodging by boat beforehand. While daytrippers are welcome, please make sure that you arrange a means of getting to and from the event beforehand.

There are basically three options:

  • Catch a ferry
  • Launch your boat boat/structure from a nearby boat ramp
  • Bring your own boat all of the way by water

More details are a found on the Getting There page.