Ephemerisle 2020

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The Covid year.

Large parts of the community stayed away due to Covid-19. Many Ephemerisle Island leaders and old timers wrote an Open Letter advising people to stay away this year. Those who went had a great time, and there were no reported cases of spread.

Ephemerisle 2020
Siren Island
Masked up in Blues House Bar


Monday (2020-07-20) through Sunday (2020-07-26)


Mildred Island


Big Booty Island

Art Boats

Art Projects

Siren Island





[In progress]

The three dots are great island locations. The larger dot is where the video of the beach is . It's a classic raft up and play area. So it's very close to bullfrog marina wich could probably get on board with parking and they have gas and all the essentials. Best mini mart on the water south of the river. Pirates lair is still accessible but further. Herman and Hellans come back into play.

The green dot is holland. The blue dot is me and also disco bay. And the purple dot is ski beach

shoot i would say less. If u consider mayje the Hilton house and the other duck club noise considerations then I would say there is less at Mildred tract. There's nothing but the bullfrog marina within miles. Great question really because what's ephemerisle without Bump City. Also it's the same county as mandeville wich has no sound ordinance wich has always been a perk of mandeville and Castaway island (three rivers reach officially).

In 2009, it was an actual "festival" run by a non-profit, and sold tickets. It was not located at Mandeville where Be Love put the black dot.

I'm not quite sure off-hand where it was, but it might have been near where Be Love is suggesting. Archer Torch Ships might know where it was on the map. 2010 was the first year of Not-Ephemerisle and it happened at Mandeville where it has been ever since. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pmTM9hh_qM

I believe the first Ephemerisle was held near where White Slough meets the main San Joaquin river channel (38.034800,-121.4715). Mandeville is at (38.062216, -121.532182).