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== Berth's Available ==
== Berths Available ==
For berth's available announcements see the [[2019 Berths | berths available for 2019]].  
For berths available announcements see the [[2019 Berths | berths available for 2019]].  

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Berths Available

For berths available announcements see the berths available for 2019.

Art and Infrastructure fundraisers

For art and infrastructure fundraisers see the list of current projects for 2019 .

Elysium ferry drivers wanted!

Still looking for volunteer ferry drivers for Elysium (et. al.), so if you are willing but did not already indicate interest, it is not too late to sign up:

Fill out this survey to indicate your experience and availability: https://forms.gle/D2Az8n4HXxT5eTH9A

Join the volunteer ferry planning call tonight (Monday, July 1) at 8:30PM PT. If you fill out the form above prior to 7:30PM, Reo will email you dial-in instructions.

Elysium ferry rides wanted!

Are you planning to be aboard Elysium Archipelago at Ephemerisle 2019? Are you planning to take the ferry to and from Elysium? If so, please fill out this survey so that we can schedule the ferries in the best way to meet the demand.



Driving to the event with an empty seat? Please put yourself on the rideshare.

Need a ride (by car--ferry rides are separate) to the event? Please put yourself on the rideshare:


Wut..Huh? Whoa! guide

Ephemerisle! Are you considering hosting an event? Are you bringing any art? Would you like to give a talk, run a workshop, host a happy hour, teach a class, organize a happening, activate an activity?

Dance parties...cooking competitions...naked memorial services...lightning talks...swaddling meditations...how are *you* going to make Ephemerisle weird and/or wonderful this year?

If you would like to promote your event, please add it to this year's Wut...Huh? Whoa! guide!

Instead of attempting to print and distribute copies this year, we'll post tiny URLs all over for your clicking pleasure.