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== Trailer Park ==
== Trailer Park ==
One amphibious trailer and refuse reef.
One amphibious trailer and refuse reef.

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<= Ephemerisle 2016 ------- History of Ephemerisle ------

Dates: July 17 - July 23. Included a pre-build, like last year.

Location: Mandeville Point



See the Facebook group.

DIY/Quiet Island


Elysium plan.jpg

This year Elysium is composed of the 100ft Barge, Wonderland, some floating platforms, some houseboats and some sailboats. Once again there will be a sound system and dance floor.


Mazapeta when sailing.jpg

Mazapeta when in active service. At Ephemerisle, it provided bunk beds, hot shower, kitchen with refrigerator, and deck space.

Notan Island

7 Sailboats

Trailer Park

Trailer park 2017.jpg

One amphibious trailer and refuse reef.

Washed Up Yacht Club

3 Powerboats, 9 Sailboats, and a warm-ish hot-tub.

Art Boats

Art boats.jpg