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2015 from above, Photo credit: Jamie Eddy

All houseboats available for rent in the delta (that we know of) were rented within hours of the dates being announced for this year.

Dates: July 20 - July 26.

Location: Mandeville Point


Bump Bed

Bump bed.jpg

A massive sound system and amazing lightshow (based around an entire floating art bus from Burning Man) plus a bunch of smaller boats rafted up with them.

Elysium Archipelago

Four "islands" connected by walkways.

Drone pic from Justin Jernigan.jpg


5 houseboats and home of the dance and Memocracy platform. Where the party was at. Music going on until 5am.

Part of the Elysium Archipelago. Cost was $450/person for the week.

Captains: Simone Syed and Scott Norman.


3 houseboats(?) and a BYOL platform.

Planning on joining the Archipelago. May have Island fees of about $75/person.

Talk to Scott Norman if you're interested in joining.


Kid-friendly. 4-5 houseboats.

Planning on joining the Archipelago. May have Island fees of about $75/person.

Talk to Paul Grasshoff if you're interested in joining.

Whore Island

A bunch of sailboats. Name subject to possible change.

Planning on joining the Archipelago. May have Island fees of about $75/person.

Talk to Sean Faul if you're interested in joining.

Ithaca Island


A group of friends and friends of friends.



Oceanus bunked on the Robert Grey, a 1936 12-passenger + crew charter vessel 120ft long and 26ft across. Needless to say, there were about three times as many people on the ship at any given time.

There were also a couple of sailboats and other boats attached to the massive Robert Gray.

The Aurora was anchored at the now closed Herman & Helen's Marina, straight East of Mandeville tip.




3 houseboats with a bit of a remote jungle atmosphere plus a floating tropical island and the Floating Delorean.

Theme Island

Theme isle.jpg

3 houseboats and 3 sailboats.

Art Projects



  • Chandy, Helen Laurie's Chandelier Boat

FairWeather art gallery

Bump bed

The Sanctuary

  • The walkways: Piano to the Sanctuary

Meditation platform

Cuddle Place

Laura Salcido's cuddle place

Floating Delorean


Captain Cookoff

Ari captain cookoff 2015.jpg

The 2nd year of Adam's cooking competition.

Secret ingredient: ?

Winner: ?

Blog posts and press




Future of Ephemerisle meeting happened at the Red Vic.