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Photo Credit: Ping Yee
Photo Credit Ratha Grimes

Ephemerisle 2011 took place during Jun 9-12, in the same location as the previous two years - the Mandeville Tip County Park on the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta (map).

After having to rebrand the event "NotEphmerisle" (or "UnEphemerisle") last year due to insurance and legal technicalities, this year The Seasteading Institute did not officially attempt to organize the event and let us use the name "Ephemerisle". We rented out every houseboat in the region, built a 20x24 floating platform, brought around 200 people, and made the event an unequivocal success.

Read Matt Bell's excellent summary of Ephemerisle 2011. Paul Bohm also write his thoughts on what made Ephemerisle a great occasion to connect.

Art Projects

Cuddle Tent

"Cuddle Tent" Photo by Scott DeRoy

A colorful and semi-private place to snuggle up.

(Not a sex tent.)

Artist: Matt Bell, Kate ?

Pyramid / Reed Forest

"Pyramid and Reed Forest" Photo by Matt Bell

Pyramid: A floating pyramid structure made of PVC tubing and pool noodles.

Artist: Joseph Kisenwether

Reed Forest: A floating array of vertical pool noodles mounted on a submerged wooden structure. An experiment which didn't turn out all that well.

Artist: Matt Bell

Tilting Game Platform

Tilting Game Platform, Ephemerisle 2011.

This 8'x 8' platform is designed to hold up to 2 people and allow them to tilt the platform and thus roll a ball by moving around. There are lots of interesting interfaces you could get out of having one or more people control a ball in this manner. It would be a chance for people to hone their sea legs in a game of balance. The platform could be reconfigurable, with different surfaces added or removed to switch games.

Details at: http://nasu-dengaku.livejournal.com/297125.html and http://nasu-dengaku.livejournal.com/303792.html

Artist: Matt Bell and Kate ?

Water Slide

Water Slide, Ephemerisle 2011. Photo by Ka-Ping Yee

A semi-floating water slide for quick boat evacuation.

Artist: Erin Rapacki; Ephemerisle 2011, 2012

Photos and videos

Strawberry Neptune

The Strawberry_Neptune group documented their plans in detail.

Technical details

2011 map.jpg

Talks and lectures


Giant Floating Tilting Labyrinth Game Board

An 8x8 platform where players try to guide balls into holes.



Central Community Platform

A approx. 20' x 20' central platform for community use.


Reached minimum funding, but looking for a bit more to expand to the platfom.

AquaDome Lounge

A 16' floating geodesic dome with bar.


Not funded yet!

Water Slide

A 20 foot long water slide from a houseboat roof into the delta.



Before the Survival Guide, there were the Basics.

Debrief discussions

Lost and found