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Kudos to you! I hadn't thoghut of that!

About the name

The Seasteading Institute (http://seasteading.org/) threw a floating festival called Ephemerisle in 2009. They had to back out of the event the following year due to insurance problems. However, the attendees of the event just showed up anyways, and it became an independent event with no central organization. This year, it's independent from the beginning.

Read about the Event's History.


Thursday, June 9 - Sunday, June 12 2011
Sacramento River Delta (GPS Location). (1.5hrs from SF)
Cost: $0 (No organizers; no tickets)

How to attend

Don't know where to start? Learn the Basics.

Read the Survival guide.

Rideshares, boatshares, and more here.
Get Involved

If you're bringing art, a boat, or any structure with special needs, shout out to the Google group so your needs can be accommodated: http://groups.google.com/group/floating-festival

Join the Mailing Lists and the Facebook Page.

Build an Art Project or fund one of the projects on Kickstarter.