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August 2011 Tie-up

Proposed Date: August 7, 2011 (Maybe the 7th instead)
Time: Approx 11am - ?
Location: Clipper Cove, Treasure Island, SF [Google Map] [Nautical Chart]

HAZARD - For anyone coming in your own boat, please note that the southern 2/3 of the entrance is extremely shallow (less than 3').


  • Lifejackets - please bring a life jacket. Even if you're a good swimmer, the cold water makes being out there extremely dangerous.
  • Whistle - Attach a whistle to your life jacket. In you fall in cold water, you may struggle to call out for help. A whistle makes a loud, distinctive noise, with little effort. This is a ~$2 item which could save your life.

Boats and Attendees

  • 30' sailboat w/ 8' Kayak -- Adam, Jeanne, Leif, Logan, JD (Boat has a 15 inch BBQ and stove, sausages, beer, etc.)
  • 32' Trimaran - Terry, Nathan, Robert, Helen, Tim (ice chest stocked with refreshing beverages, hot dogs, etc.)
  • 8' inflatable paddle boat -- Helen, Becca(?), Marinated Chicken <= only if Helen can get a ride.
  • There will be 6 traditional pacific voyaging canoes in clipper cove also!:


Wind and Weather

[Real-time wind maps of the Bay Area]

[National Weather Service - Marine Weather Forecast]]