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Suburbia has a chance at borrowing more platforms* and the ferry contingent is adamant that they can handle transporting a few more people. I'm opening up tent space rentals again- it's possible that we won't be able to provide carport shade this late in the game, but lots of people have camped without it traditionally.

Pricing (likely to go up as event gets closer):

$375 for 6x8 tent space and one person in it

$100/additional person sharing your tent

Interested in participating? Interested in volunteering, coming early, helping build the event or make signage or otherwise being the event you want it to be? Fill out the Participation Survey:



Elysium aka Bargey is coming back to Ephemerisle. With Ephemerisle fast approaching (July 22nd-29th), and the future of the Barge secure thanks to a huge community effort, it’s time to grab your membership & camping/chamber spots for 2019!

We have three options - all of these are ways to turn a yearly 501c7 membership fee into your reserved camping spot.

We have deck spaces available. $400 for 7X7 spot, includes Elysium fee for one person (extra people can be added for an additional $150). Secure your barge world membership as a first step via the membership signup form.

Glam-it-up in the Chambers, $550 for a single bed or $800 for two people to split a double bed. Secure your barge world membership as a first step via the membership signup form.

Some discounted memberships for people who those who need it and contribute to the event. We encourage you to apply via the low income membership application. To sign up for a space:

  • Read and complete airtable form here
  • Send payment through preferred payment platform (click submit at the bottom when done)
  • Email to barge-admin@googlegroups.com for space preference + if you will have some sharing a tent and their name


Jason Loger's Tugboat

Hi, I have 6-8 bunks available to rent out as well as tent space available on deck aboard a 65ft former coast guard tug/research vessel. $400 a bunk per night. Also the boat is fully air conditioned and has a fully functional galley and head/shower when the generator is running. However having the generator run would be a additional charge. The boat will be coming down the coast from Washington next week and wether permitting will be available starting the 22nd. I would also be willing to do a group rate if the boat was rented to one group. PM me if interested.