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Community platform (central stage)

Community platform teardown

For Ephemerisle 2011, we built a floating platform that was shared amongst the participants for holding common events (dancing, microtalks, camp fire), or just to mingle. Learning from past experiences in building floating platforms (e.g. Apocaisle in 2010) we aimed to create an MVP: Minimal Viable Platform.


The platform measured 24x20ft, could hold 50 people, and was built out of 9 identical modules.[1] Each module floated on top of 6 Home Depot Tough Box 27-Gallon Tote (mirror) heavy duty plastic bins, sealed with duct tape or in plastic bags. The bins were easily available from Home Depot, affordable ($13 each), stackable for transport, and provided lots of lift. On the downside, they leaked, and had to be sealed. The cost was 20lbs of lift per $. Assembling the entire platform took 5 hours.[2]